My Story…

Welcome Dear Readers to Conquering Simple!

This is me! Andrea

I am a housewife who’s married to the most awesome husband in the world! He’s our leader, provider, and protector!! We enjoy homeschooling our 4 blessings!! Which is the best thing in the world!

Debby Hudson

There are some days I am overjoyed with this life that God has blessed you with. Then there are always those days all I want to do is hide under the covers until the season passes. How real is that!

This especially happens when my life is chaos. Nothing is in order and I lose my way. And let me tell you that is never pretty! I strive for that order and routine that sets me straight. Since I’m not that orderly type A person it was hard getting on board with tidy and thoroughness. But with time.. it’s come second nature.

Except for running… I’m not talking physical, either. I feel like I’m running everywhere all the time. That’s my hurtle at this point in my life. And even if I’ve overcome stuff I haven’t yet overcome busy.. I’m here to conquer that and in the process help you see how I conquered stuff.

As for the most important aspect of this blog is to strengthen our walk with Christ.

I could say your, but I can’t! My faith needs some uplifting as well! And as God puts words on my heart to share I hope you will walk away THINKING!

Have fun, dear readers! And may God bless you tremendously!