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I long for a beautiful organized home! Don’t you? Sad thing is I’m more than positive there is something lounging around taking up space in my precious haven. And you know what, I am FOR SURE you, my dear reader, have something in your home that needs to say Bye-Bye, as well. Am I right? Rather it be from this list or some other list that is floating in the WWW. To help us both out I have came up with this little list of 10 things you and I can get rid of right now? Nothing big. Just a little nibble of a thought I can give you.

1- Dead batteries.

I don’t know about your family, but we HAVE batteries just laying around. They have made home in some pretty little baskets in some random place. Do they work? Your guess is good as mine. They usually get taken out of the remote and put in different devices. Then they never get put back and we search the house for, get this….. BATTERIES. Sounds like a place for batteries is in order! And a test of each one. Did you know that if touch the 9v battery with your tongue you can tell if it good or not. Yup, it will shock your tongue. No, I haven’t done it. Yes, I have a husband and children that have. One other way is to drop the battery, if it bounces, it’s bad. Always good to know and check out. No need to be harboring dead batteries, so when you find a stray battery check to see if it is good, if not toss it out.

2- Used up lightbulbs.

Right now, as I’m writing, I have this annoying lightbulb that keeps going on and off. I can’t tell if it is a short, a lose bulb, fixing to go out, or the Lord telling me to check my coffee. I can tell that something needs to happen. It’s needs to be fixed. So, right now as I’m changing the lightbulb you should go check and see if any of your light bulbs need to be changed. Yup, good idea tight?

3- Old magazines

I’m not a magazine fan and we don’t have subscription plans, nor do we purchase any from the store. However, I had an aunt that loved her 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s magazines. From gardening to clothing she had them all…. on her staircase. That’s a lot of magazines. Something I do, if I find an interesting picture, article or comic I’ll take a picture of it or tear it out. Then you can keep it in digital format or stick it in a notebook or binder. Now, you only have a collection of stuff you love.

4- Broken toys

God has truly blessed me with 4 beautiful children! The greatest works of art I must say. I have come to know that when you have children, broken toys are inevitable. Yeah, it doesn’t matter the age or gender. Toys will be broken! Have you ever started to dig for a certain toy? Only to find a truck with a missing tire, a couple Barbie’s with missing legs, or random nerf gun bullets that are missing the hard part? It will happen, how it happens…. I don’t know. Also, things break. An accidental drop or step may send one into pieces. Time to release those from the custody of your home. My advice to you? Say adios broken toys!

5- Messed up shoes

How about ones that are plainly worn beyond their time. They need to go, my friend! I know you have at least one pair that has been sitting in that closet of yours for no telling how long. Why not go now and stick those suckers in the donation pile. If they are worn out completely you know the trash is an acceptable home, as well. How about those shoes and boots that we love but they just feel terrible and cause your pinky toe (mine would be the toe by the pinky. Odd little one it is.) or whole foot pain. Be a doll and spare yourself the pain. Get rid of them! No matter how gorgeous they are or how wonderful they look on your pretty little feet, you deserve better!

6- Clothing that is worn out, doesn’t fit or you don’t wear.

I have downsized my wardrobe to the point that I only have a total of 4 short sleeves, a couple sweaters, 5 or so long sleeves and 4 pair of pants. Among these are some dresses and other clothing pieces like jackets and kimonos. That’s it! Getting to this point was interesting and took a lot of tossing and walking pass cute clothing in random stores. If ever a new item makes it’s way into our home there will be an exchange, item for item. Also, if a piece of clothing doesn’t fit or gets a stain I can’t remove… I get rid of it. If my jeans are a little to tight or wont stay up (I hate that)… I get rid of it. So, the next time your getting dressed and notice a stain, tear, or uncomfortable fit- LET IT GO. And downsize!

7- Scratched CD’s or DVD’s

Please don’t tell me we are the only family that has bad luck with DVD’s. I have a 6yo that absolutely loves to watch movies. He then tries his hardest to help by putting them back. Such a good kiddo. Most the time, we run into one that has a scuff mark. Sometimes they are okay and then other times….Way beyond repair. Time to toss or recycle into crafty little projects!

8- Unread books

Don’t get this Homeschool Momma started on books!! I love books! My children would rather do all forms of work in notebooks or on the computer. My tip here is if you haven’t opened a book in a year, curriculum or not, I’m pretty sure you probably won’t in the future. If you find you need it you can purchase an ebook or rent it from the library. Both are great ways at keeping clutter down. Go Declutter your books!!

9- Expired foods

I’m an expired food phobic. I’m not going to be eating anything in our kitchen that was from the 90’s or 2000’s, nor do we have anything that old in our kitchen. I’m just saying, if you have expired food in your kitchen toss it! Do not give it to another family or shelter. Toss it! They don’t want it either.

10- Unhealthy cleaning supplies

For as long as I remember, well as long as I have had children, I have always been on the look out for healthier cleaning alternatives. And there is an abundance of great natural products. However, just be the label says healthy doesn’t always mean it is healthy. Read labels and if it says fatal if swallowed.. why in the world would you be cleaning your house with it. Uck! You and I need to watch out for the health and safety for our family. This week I got my first shipment in from grove collaborative. I’m so happy to begin a healthy cleaning journey with them. Grove Collaborative only has safe products that they sell. There are a ton of healthy cleaning supplies and homeware right at your fingertips. Doesn’t that mean they are all perfectly safe? Probably not and it doesn’t hurt to check their cleaning product labels. To be honest, my advice is to check all your labels. Dump out those nasty cleaning products that cause you to cough and makes you want to wear a mask and go for Natural ones. And remember that just because it says natural does not mean it is natural. If you are interested in checking out Grove Collaborative you can go here. If you like what you see and want to place an order you will get a free $20 gift set of Mrs. Meyers Spray, Hand Soap, and Dish Soap. If you spend a little more you can get even more free stuff. It’s worth every penny!! I’m not affiliated with Grove Collaborative and I don’t receive anything from praising their company, I just love natural products!
If you have the least bit interest go here and check out Grove Collaborative. There will be a 5- piece gift set waiting on you if you choose to take the journey with me. I am positive you will not be disappointed. Also go check out my YouTube video on unboxing our first shipment. I have been struggling with a major sinus cold/infect whatever it is and I sound high pitched and weird, but it’s okay.



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