Take a look around!! Subscription services seem to be everywhere. You can get food, clothing, cleaning, educational supplies, books… need I continue. The list is pretty much endless. They seem awesome!! But, have you ever subscribed to a subscription service and ended up thinking “I just wasted all that money!” ?(Raise my hand here!)

Here are some rules that are fantastic to go by before you start any subscription service.


I absolutely mean this! Research the heck out of it. Don’t leave any door closed.

Research the products.

Research the shipping.

Research the company.

You never know what your getting into.


Are the products high quality?

Are the washing labels adequate to your season of life?


When you are bound and determined to subscribe to a service. Find something that subscription offers and try it.

That’s what I did with Grove Collaborative. I saw all the ads and became quite intrigued!! I didn’t want to waste my money on stuff that wasn’t great, so I headed to Target and purchased a few GC items.


Everything here but the toilet scrubber, round cleaner, and lemon mat are products of Grove Collaborative. I wanted to make sure these met my expectations before subscribing to there services.

My honest opinion…

The smell of some of the Method products were very strong. I had to open the window in our bathroom to air it out. Just no that a little goes a long way. As for the other items, I highly recommend!!

Will I subscribe to G.C.?


I love their products and I know you will to. If you ever decide to try their services and want to receive a free gift set you can click HERE and use my referral link. It’s totally worth it!!

You can also get more free stuff by choosing to participate in their Membership Plan. With this you will receive a 60 Day VIP Membership Trial where you’ll get access to unlimited free shipping and returns, free (full-size) gifts, exclusive sales. After that it’s only 19.99 a year.

Totally worth it!!


Subscription services are that… Subscriptions. That means things will be coming into your home on a consistent basis. Rather monthly or weekly things add up and gather over time.


Do I have room for this stuff?

Will I use this stuff?

Do I actually love the stuff this service provides?

Can I live without the items?

If you can use it perfect,

if not….

Chances are you don’t need it and it may sit around and collect dirt.


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