If you have read my previous posts you know our word of the year is Peace. Peace in our home, peace in our thinking, peace in our learning environment.

Peace. The beginning of new life in Heaven!

We all know that passing of any loved one can leave you with continual anguish or contentment. Sadly we felt that this year already. And let me tell you it is not something you want to start your year off with.  With the passing of my mother-in-law I saw both sides and while sorrow will ease with time it is refreshing to know that you will be reacquainted in heaven. The peace in that is assuring and brings contentment.

Peace. The rearranging of home.

Do you know anyone that has had their home in the exact same arrangement FOREVER? Both my grandparents were like that. Unfortunately, this gal right here didn’t get the gene. There is not a week that doesn’t go by that I don’t think of changing something. Usually it’s my whole living room/ dining room/kitchen area. It’s all together and I am never content. Yes, that is something I am working on. Just so you know this discontentment is not from wall décor or any décor for that matter. I dislike décor. I find it as close to clutter as… to much coffee. JIDDERY and uneasy. Furniture on the other hand. We have somewhat a lot. Somewhat… meaning I feel like there is a ton of stuff on every corner and every wall. And not to mention we just inherited 2 more pieces. Lovely pieces shall I say. Furthermore, when you have furniture the need to add stuff is imminent. So when time came I took about 3 small furniture pieces to the local consignment shop.

Money for your stuff?? Yes please!!!

While that cleared space, it didn’t clear any space in the area I so wanted. So, I did what I always do. Try to rearrange to meet our needs a little better. First, I tried putting our leather couch in the giant living room. No matter what way we tried… It was not going!! It was to big and wouldn’t go though the doorway. My solution, put the couch in the kitchen and turn the living room into a full out dining room. Wow, thank you brain! The effects of the move are ginormous! And it’s much more open. We now have wonderful conversations on the couch while I’m cooking or cleaning. And far far far more interaction at the table!! What a nice change to our day!



Today… was a day for mental clothing clutter rehab. With 6 humans residing in our (not so big, not so small) home (and a free range ferret aka Hazel) the clothing pile manages to pile like a mountain. A mountain of mix match nothings if you ask me. Sometimes it all gets tossed into the clean bin in the laundry or tossed on our bed. If it gets put into the bin chances are Hazel will climb in and take a nice long nap.  Leaving the clothes smelling nasty! Musky! stinky! Nasty! If it gets thrown on the bed chances are they wont make it to their designated spots. On the floor they go at bed time! Yea for today, when I had the urge to conquer the mountain and gain a slight amount of peace. Not yet complete.. burn out set in! Yet, there was still a little accomplishment.

Peace…. Schooling

Met with writing, counting, telling time, guitar, watching Bunk’d, Merlin and Hawaii Five-0. and don’t step on the poop.


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