In my last post I talked about my thoughts on New Years Resolution and my word of the year… JOY. Check that out here–> Here’s to a Word- pt. 1. Today, I bring you my word of the year for 2019!!

Photo by Candis Hidalgo
Candis Hidalgo

That’s all! Nothing huge, not a big word of all! Just a mighty little word when you Life School. It is such an important part of our lives! Sometimes though, it’s absent! When you

As the new year approached I am here thinking.

How can I create a peaceful home?

1. Pray

I admit there are some days that I just get up and hit the day running. I know the stuff I have to do. I know the routine I have. I know the errands I have to run. I know the.. the… ahhh shucks everything just got off track! Doesn’t that happen! You get sidetracked and it through everything off.


Pray before getting out of bed! Pray for a smooth transaction through out your day. Pray for your children’s attitudes, as well as, yourself and your spouse.

Pray for guidance. How do I need to respond when things go awry? How do I react to a broken_______? Where do I need to be at this moment? Watching tv or being there in the moment?

It is important to pray through everything. Philippians 4:6 summarized.. Be anxious for nothing and pray about everything! So please, do not overestimate the benefits!


2. Set up your Environment.

The environment in your home makes a huge impact on the calmness of those residing inside your home. I mean.. I should know this! This blog was created to document our process of creating a simple environment and school life. I like to refer to our life and schooling as Life Schooling.. Using simplicity to learn. Having the right environment inside the home is essential for this!

After doing a little research, I see most home dwellers start off declaring that decluttering and finding a place for everything is a must. And I totally agree! We all, rather parent or not, accumulate stuff. Stuff then builds into messes. Which causes anxiety when you realize you have nowhere to put said item. Not peaceful.

So what are some other ways to help you find peace in your home…

  • Have spaces for messes.

We all can’t have tidy perfect homes. But we do need a place where we can play and just be.

  • Play some music!

I love some good music! I usually play Contemporary Christian music, but I also love 80’s (Led Zeppelin, Poison, and Queen) Nature, and Classical. You may also see us dancing to kids singing ABC’s. Oh! What fun we have.

  • Decorate

Candles are a great way to add warmth and light to a room.  We don’t have many because most the ones I have found are scented. I prefer natural. So, add candle making to our activities to do.

Pretty Vases. I love flowers and bringing the outdoors inside is a thing I do every spring and summer. The look, the smell, heavenly!

Aromatherapy. I am a huge believer in essential oils! And diffusing oils is a daily thing around here. It really can calm the nerves or give a burst of energy.

  • Electronics

What can I say! Electronics are a part of our everyday life! We use them to watch YouTube videos, listen to music, check email, write… We use them quite a bit. But sometimes they are overused. Time to limit those this year. I’m not saying the amount of time but the where. I’m thinking at the table and 2 hours before bed unless the kids are researching something incredible.

3. Check your Acquaintances

We all know those people who are not peaceful. They are not pleasant. They are pretty much a nuisance on happiness. In my home I prefer a good attitude and good manners. Does that happen all the time? NO! Sadly! And I can’t kick them out the door, but I can show the door to those that rip life out of you and suck out the peace. Goodbye peace suckers!

4. Check your Reactions.

What does your tone of voice sound like? Is it uplifting or demeaning? Is it helpful or misleading? Can it be kept silent? A lot of time in our home we have unnecessary quirls. Battles between the sexes. The sibling rivalry. Ick!


Peace is in the making!












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