Many people make resolutions on New Years. This year I did, I had the idea…. “I am going to save every single cup from when we eat out.” That way we have a visual of the $1-$2 drink we enjoy. And therefore, see the money we waste and how much trash accumulates. OOoo.. we had quite a stash that first month, which got tossed quick. And well ended!


I get it! Resolutions are often met with eye opening judgement or utter disappointment. In a month or two the resolution dwindles. The weight loss fails, the drinking water everyday loses its glamour when you see a yummy cuppa’ joe, the saving money gets met with a sudden oops.

Blah sets in!
Why do these things fail most often than not? I will not answer that. LIFE HAPPENS! God places change in your life, throughs you curve balls, or he keeps you where you are, when you think your ready for a big JUMP.

“Ha! Resolution”
I decided this year, 2018, I was also going to do a word of the year.

This year my word is….. and soon will be WAS…


Joy is mentioned in the bible 165 times +/- depending on versions. Many have different meaning for joy, I whole heartily believe it only comes from a true relationship with God. It can span a great distance! From marriage, to the birth of a child, the feeling of Christ birth- to death, the thought of a prepared garden. A lot can be entwined with Joy.
This year Joy was my word because… I knew a person in my distant past that seemed to be happy all the time! You know the person. Always smiling. Never a bad thing to say. I want that. This person had pure joy. Joy, from a true relationship with the Lord. It may be a put on show, but they put it on well. And I longed for a relationship with the Lord that would result in pure absolute Joy.

Soo, praying for joy helped me “try” to see something good in everything.  Sometimes it was hard!

+The death of my grandma. The good.. She retired this life and moved to her heavenly home. She’s now enjoying the duties of heavenly work. The bad.. she is greatly missed.
+Another hard one is when your children grumble from the very first breath in the morning or defiance is met when asking them to take part in some “knowledgeable” task. The good… the are entitled to their feelings. The bad… We have to live with that bitterness.
+How about when a family member or friend is just, well, bitter. Leaving that there.
What I learned about JOY- It’s not easy. You have to spend time in the bible to appreciate things that happen. You have to rely on Gods grace and his mercy. You have to literally smile more. Sometime those smiles are fake but sometimes they actually turn into the greatest joy moment.



With much happiness I bring 2019 word of the year!



Check back for my take on PEACE and how I plan on using it next year. Using it? Humm….. Maybe implementing it into our home. Because can’t we all use a little bit of peace.

When you have life learners at home YOU NEED PEACE!


Blessings, Andrea


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