I’m Andrea!

• The starter of a dozen blogs.
• The forgetter of passwords:  Especially those where the email addresses to those various blogs.
• The conquer of simple: Wait, darn, the semi conqueror of simple, to focus on the now and the impeding eternity. There are a few areas still at work in my life, chaos and insanity only happen once in a great while.
• Lover of time: spent with family, having grand adventures.
• Green Living: a constant look out for the healthier alternative.
• Homeschooling: Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Waldorf, pretty much eclectic.

My strive… help you conquer simple.

Shelby Miller

Not to repeat the above, but I find myself a Simple Living, Minimalist, Naturalist with a touch of Zero Waste, Green Living, and Eco-friendly tendencies. Not to forget sinner saved by Grace, Housewife, Mommy, and striving Encourager. BoooooYah. I am all of those and a bag of marsh-mel-lows!

Oops, see what I did there. I labeled myself, tried to put myself into a category. Then praised myself with a booooyah.

Do you my friend, want to fit into a category?

A category that is pretty much, a label. We all belong to some category or another. Right? Rather it be those listed above, others similar, or something totally different. You see, I personally relate to all of those and maybe a few more. They make life so much easier. Easier to clean, easier to be healthier, and easier to be… Easier. Something to reconcile with, kind of like “Hey, I’m a simple living, minimalist. That means at this very moment in life, have a super-duper clutter-free home.” Ha! Ya Right. While I have a tidy home at this moment doesn’t mean I will at the end of the day. But by bed, you bet cha! It’s called routine!!

The utter conclusion here though is that you can  and you can’t be those things. With the help of Christ you Momma’s (and Daddies) can do anything! Whatever is fitting to him, he will see you through. We can walk the for so mentioned paths because they make life easier. Or he can laugh and say “Get real, you silly Momma! That is not for you. Here’s something much better.” Which has happened to me a few times. And yes, I guarantee he has called me a silly Momma sometime or another.

In Matthew 19:21 Christ is the one that says… “If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heave; and come, follow me.”

You see, less is more. Christ tells this man to sell your belonging and follow him. All the while the man he was talking to was sad because he had great possessions and feared. So he did not follow Christ. Therefore, his eternity is chosen.

We can however, follow him. Now I’m not saying get rid of everything we own. But get rid things of no value, that you do not use. If you need it every day that pretty much is a sign that you don’t need to get rid of it. I’m saying simplify your life in all areas that bring hindrance to your walk with Christ. Not just stuff.  When you do this your eyes will be lifted and you will be able to focus on the one that matters. With so much love that Christ gave you, how could you not. Through the cross, through the blood to bear our sins on his shoulders. That should make you want to abandon everything you have and follow him in everything. That means everything! How we keep our home, how we keep our appearance, how we keep our actions… and oh so many more. But what about those days when certain things just don’t seem to matter or are just a little harder to accomplish. You can’t just give up, but you can push though.

Dear Lord, thank you for your tremendous blessings. The blessings of stuff, the blessings of time! I pray each person reading this blog will be encouraged to rid their life of all the nonsense that clutters their life. May they break free from the hold and follow your calling. May they find contentment in your name.



One thought on “A Welcoming to Conquer Simple

  1. “And yes, I guarantee he has called me a silly Momma sometime or another.” – LOL, I’m certain He’s called me the same!
    A very encouraging post. 🙂 I found out this truth (about minimalism) in 2014 after a road trip where we needed very little to be happy – we enjoyed life so much more! Since then, I have decluttered tremendously although things do still seem to pile up at times (perhaps it’s because there are seven of us?) Anyway, thanks for a nice reminder about simplifying with the Lord in mind! ❤


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